Sunday, June 16, 2013

A new home for the Shakespeare Club

Earlier this year, a local paper featured an interview with our president, Frances Dharmalingam, which created a lot of interest and as a result, we found ourselves inundated with new members! This is wonderful, because we'd been looking for 'new blood' for quite some time.

What we hadn't reckoned on was that with ten or twelve extra people, we could no longer meet at the State Library for reasons of health and safety - the room available to us is only allowed to hold 18 persons. So we had to look for a new home.

Frances spent many hours on foot and on the phone, but finally she found us what looks like a very satisfactory venue - the Citiplace Community Centre on the concourse of the Perth Railway Station. There is parking under the nearby State Art Gallery and of course the train could hardly be closer!

Our new home. To the left is the footbridge to the Cultural Centre and almost opposite are the railway platforms

Last meeting and next - on 20 July at 2.00pm - we're reading Volpone by Ben Jonson, a contemporary of our beloved Bard, then in August we shall have the first of two meetings devoted to the perennial favourite, Romeo and Juliet. This might be a good opportunity for more newcomers to 'try us out' by listening to a reading and perhaps repairing to the neighbouring Art Gallery Cafe for a beverage and a chat afterwards.

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