Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another year, a few more plays!

We had a fun meeting in February - our first for the year - with readings of noteworthy scenes and speeches prepared by Frances, our president. I read the nurse's speech from Romeo and Juliet: the one in which she tells a tale of Juliet's infancy. I love the nurse! She's one of my favourits characters. Many thanks to Frances for researching the selected passages from the Bard's works. I'm sure we all learnt a great deal.

It's our AGM on March 17 (We'll be choosing plays to read for the year as well as electing office-bearers) and we celebrate the Bard's birthday at next month's meeting on 21 April. That's always a bit of a celebration so it's a fun meeting to come to and try out if the club is your "thing". However, new members are welcome at any time. This year, as usual, all our meetings will be held at the State Library of Western Australia on the third Saturday of each month at 2.00pm.